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IOWF NFT Drop Party

Join us online | 27 May, 2022 | 8:00 pm CET

Get your film project ready to drive results today  and build your community for tomorrow

Meet The Directors

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Where is IOWF Drop Party taking place?

The Drop Party will take place on May 27, 2022, from 11:00 AM PDT online only.


Is there any cost to attend this event?

No, there is no cost associated with attending, although you would need to pay a fee to get NFT in your e-wallet.


Who can register to attend?

Anyone participating in the past IOWF editions can attend our NFT Drop Party. Feel free to share this page with anyone you know they have been selected in IOWF in the last 7 years. 


Do I have to be signed in to access this event?

Yes, please click register and complete a short form for access to this premium event.

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