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How to Apply for Membership

We are now open for applications for IOWF membership.

Full Membership

Full membership of the IOWF is open to talented individuals with more than two years of experience in key creative or senior executive roles across short film, web, and television who support our mission to promote creativity and share our vision for a more inclusive, indie movement in the entertainment industry.

Full members enjoy awards voting relevant to their experience including access to entered short films and web series, access to our members’ club at Milan, a year-round program of screenings and events, networking opportunities, and exclusive offers from our partners.

We particularly welcome applications from people from those who are working in web series; in groups or communities currently underrepresented in film, and television; and those living and working outside of Milan, particularly if you are based in North Italy, Switzerland, San Marino, or South France.

Eligibility Criteria

At least two years of experience in a senior creative, production/post-production, or executive role directly related to either:

  • short films distributed in Italy, Switzerland, France, Spain, and the UK.

  • television programming broadcast in Italy, Switzerland, France, Spain, and the UK.

  • series distributed in YouTube Premium Italy or the UK.

Successful applicants for IOWF membership will also fulfill at least one of the following:

  • Currently working for an Italian broadcaster, distributor, production company, or industry body

  • Currently working for IOWF nominated or winning production company

  • IOWF Winner or Nominee

  • Italian Citizen or born in Italy, Switzerland, San Marino, Spain, or France

We are currently accepting applications for full membership.

The criteria for IOWF membership should be considered a minimum and unfortunately, not all eligible applicants will be successful. The Board also reserves the right to approve applicants who do not meet the criteria, but who demonstrate a particularly promising career or achievements in the digital world.

If you need more help, check our applic
ation FAQs, or contact

Annual Full Membership Rates 2023/24

General  (Milan)      $ 59.00

Applies to individuals who live and work more than 50 km from Milan   $ 35.00

Italy (Professional)
Applies to professionals based in Italy (outside of Lombardia)   $ 25.00

Neighboring Countries
For individuals living and working in Switzerland, France, and San Marino.  $ 35.00 


For individuals primarily based in countries other than Italy, Switzerland, France, and San Marino $ 40.00


A joining fee of $5.00 (€4.00 in Italy and San Marino) will be charged to new members in addition to their membership rates. This additional fee is waived for successful applicants who have won or been nominated for an IOWF Award. (All rates are inclusive of VAT where applicable). 


We don't want membership fees to be a barrier to joining and we may be able to offer support with fees. Find out more. 

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