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Iacopo Patierno

Born in Vico Equense(Naples, Italy) in 1982, he graduated from the DAMS of Bologna in 2005. Since the master degree in Film and Tv he has established himself internationally as an editor, dop, and director. His focus has always been on documentary films, investigating areas regarding environment, social issues and art. His works have been screened in the major international festivals and won numerous awards. From 2018 to 2021 he’s the Italian director with the major numbers of presences and awards in the world for documentary web series.

We call it Skweee, Doc 60 min, 2009, Sweden/Italy
Theatre so good!, Web series, 2016, Italy/Mozambique
Wiwanana, Doc 75 min, 2017, Italy/Mozambiqu
Italy Sicily Gela, Web series, 2019/2021, Italy
Man Kind Man, Doc 80 min, 2021, Italy
Two but not two, Doc 80 min, 2021, Italy
Cuori Lucani, Web series, 2022, Italy


IOWF Award:


IOWF Nominee:



Best Documentary

2016 | 2020

2 Best Documentary & 1 Best Editing

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