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Official Selection 2020

Short Films


An Autre Jour in LA (USA)

In Passing (USA)

Here Today (USA)

Murmur (USA)

Tender is the Kiss (USA)

Perspective (USA)

At First, They don't Believe   (UK)

Beatrice  (Italy)

Ding-Ding, Next  (UK)

Quarantime    (Italy)

The Cry of Silence  (Romania)

The Mole   (Belgium)

Valerianas (S.1) Brazil

58 Seconds (S.1) Brazil

I, Celebrity (S.1) Brazil

Nomad 7 (S.1) Brazil

Otherside (S.1) Brazil

World League of Myth and heroes (Brazil)

Public Writer (S.3) Canada

Avocado Toast (S.1) Canada

Plated (S.1) Canada

Wharf Rats (S.1) Canada

Young Nomads (S.1) Canada

Dominos (S.2) Canada

Miss Misery (S.1) Canada

FabUless (S.1). USA

Guido Talk (S.1) USA

Internet Famous (S.1) USA

PT: Pain & Torture (S.1) USA

Two Girls, One Love (S.1) USA

The Pool (S.2) USA

The Superdagger (Russia)

The Y Theory (S.2) Belgium

Italia, Sicilia, Gela (S.2) Italy

Self-Help (UK)

Visions of a Vivid Life (UK)

Locked Down and Desperate (UK)

Superdaddy (Switzerland)

Attack of the Incels (S.1). Australia

Shakespeare Republic (S.3) Australia

Abbey and Moose's Detective Agency (Australia)

Visible Farmer (S.1). Australia

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