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2017 UKOWF Nominees/Winners

Best Short Film


Producer:  Max Elliot Lovell [14']

In Control

Producer:  Andrew Ryland [12']


To The Power of 10

Producer :  Richard Kattah, Niall O'Mara Tom O'Mara, [14']

Bragging Rights

Producer :  James Atkins, [14']

Blood West

Producer :  Carl Copeland, [10']


Best Web Series


Producers :  Rhys Jones, Terrance Edwards & Matthew Ford

Season 3


Out of It

Producer :  Stella Delicado

Season 1



Producer :  Jo Smyth

Season 1


Acting Up

Producers :  Jordan Baker & Natalie Malla

Season 1


Together Forever

Producer :  Carly Sheppard

Season 1


Best Directing

Best Cinematography

Andrew Ryland

Director of Short Film :  In Control


Richard Kattah

Director of Short Film :  To the Power of Ten


Natalie Malla

Director of Web Series :  Acting Up


Oscar Luckin & Oliver Thurley

Directors of Short Film :  Nostalgia


Adam Lavis & Jo Smyth

Directors of Web Series :  Sparebnb



Olan Collard

To the Power of Ten [Short Film]


Ed Christmas

In Control [Short Film]


Max Elliot Lovell

Lili [Short Film]


Eng Teck Ng

Danke [Short Film]


Reino Kuber

Red River [Short Film]


Best Actor

Niall O'Mara

To the power of Ten [Short Film]


Alan Breck

Lili [Short Film]


Donal Cox

Coffee [Short Film]


Marcus Massey

Bragging Rights [Short Film]


Christopher Ratcliff

Together Forever [Web Series]

Best Actress


Georgia Maguire

Coffee [Short Film]


Lindsay Fraser

In Control [Short Film]


Jordan Baker 

Acting Up [Web Series]


Philippa George

In Control [Short Film]


Hatty Jones

Out of It [Web Series]

Best Student Film


Producer :  Max White, 5'

[Falmouth University]



Producer : Georgina Rowlands, 11'

[Westminster Film School]



Producers : Antonio Sequeira & Iacopo Calabrese, 4' [The London Film School]


Red River

Producer :  Tim Wickens, 12'

 [University of Chichester]

The Mock Room

Producer : Alexandros Tsilifonis, 14'

[Met Film School]

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