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Saturday 20th Feb 2016


 6 pm [UTC/GMT TIME] - Nominees in "Best Costume Design"

Cam Girls (ep.1) - Goes and Runs - Phoenix Run: Home (ep.1)

Savage Ivy - Suspension of Disbelief (ep.1) 

The Convicted - The First Musketteer (ep. 1)


7 pm [UTC/GMT TIME]- Nominees in "Best Editing"

Arlington Passages: Edgar (ep.1) - BigShot (ep.1) 

Cam Girls (ep.2) - Phoenix Run: Home (ep.1)

Relentless - The Convicted - The Forest Paper


 8 pm [UTC/GMT TIME] 

Nominees in "Best Foreign Language Short Film"

58/52 (Poland) - A mother (India) - Behind a veil (Italy)

Catatumbarì (Venezuela) - Fear (Belgium) - Goes and runs (Mexico)

Grown Ups (Spain) - Masked (Brazil) - Prohibited (Pakistan)

Senses (Spain) - Someone Instead of Everyone (Iran)


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