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IOWF 2022: Call for Entries Now Open

By IOWF Staff

Dec. 27, 2022 11 PM GMT


This year, the IOWF will be using artificial intelligence to track the progress and appeal of submitted projects. The call for entries will open on December 28th and the deadline for submissions is January 6th, 2023. All selected projects that are exhibited as part of the IOWF competition programs from January 6th to 20th, 2023 are eligible for awards in the various IOWF categories.

The International Online Web Fest (IOWF) is a platform that promotes the exchange of experiences and the search for new and innovative proposals in the field of short films and web series, through the organization of competitions and conferences.

It is a meeting point for professionals, students, and enthusiasts of the audiovisual sector, who come together to discover the latest trends and techniques in this field. The IOWF is a unique opportunity to learn, network, and showcase your work to a global audience.

During the IOWF week leading up to the award ceremony, there will be the opportunity to watch and try to predict which film or series will be the most successful among the IOWF community.

Please follow this link to submit.

IOWF Partners with Sports Movies & TV Fest for 40th Anniversary Celebration

International Online Web Fest and Sports Movies & TV join forces to celebrate global cinema and sports culture

By IOWF Staff

Nov. 25, 2022 3 PM GMT


The International Online Web Fest (IOWF) is pleased to announce its partnership with the Sports Movies & TV - Milano International FICTS Fest for its 40th anniversary. Both organizations share similar goals and values, including the education, support, and promotion of cinematic artists, as well as the preservation of the history of film.

IOWF Festival Director, Nick Bigtower, attended the festival along with other  members to welcome sports film directors and producers from around the world and celebrate international sports cinema. Bigtower participated in a panel discussion at the Auditorium Testori in the Lombardia Palace and took part in the opening night gala.

In a statement, Bigtower said, "The International Online Web Fest is an international event that is deeply committed to celebrating global cinema and web productions. We are thrilled to be joining our community in Italy to broaden and strengthen our goal to engage our members around the world. This partnership confirms the IOWF's intention to open up to international partners, and also recognizes the central role played by internet platforms in the promotion and enhancement of the best films and series, particularly those from Europe and America. We hope this will be the beginning of a long-lasting friendship."

The 40th edition of the Sports Movies & TV - Milano International FICTS Fest is the final event of the World FICTS Challenge Championship of Television, Cinema, Culture, and Sports Communication, which takes place every November in Milan and lasts for five days. The festival showcases a variety of television, cinema, and sports culture to worldwide networks, including representatives from 1,725 sports TV channels across the five continents, as well as new media, production companies, producers, and directors. The festival is organized by the Federation Internationale Cinema Television Sportifs (FICTS), which is recognized by the International Olympic Committee and promotes sports values through footage in 125 member countries.

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