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Best Short Film

A Cloud to Walk On

Producers :  Adam Pedersen/Jamie Dickinson 10' [Canada]


Ripples on the water

Producer :  Alexander Falcon, 14' [USA]



Producer :  Mate Holdosi, 12' [Hungary]


The Girl Child

Producer :  Michael Osheku, 5' [Nigeria]


Mission Accomplished

Producer :  Maike Zelle, 5' [Germany]


Best Web Series


Producers :  Hweiling Ow & Joselyn Khor

Season 1, [New Zealand]


Forbidden Truth

Producers :  Robert Shannon & Susan Hughes

Season 1, [UK]



Producer : Alberto Meroni,

Season 1, [Switzerland]


REN: The girl with the mark

Producers :  Kate Madison & Michelle Golder,

Season 1, [UK]



Producer :  Joely Collins, Season 1, [Canada]


Best Directing

Gary Harvey - Nigel Edwards

Directors of Web Series :  Coded


Adam Pedersen

Director of Short Film :  A Cloud to Walk on


Elroy 'Spoonface' Powell

Director of Web Series :  Forbidden Truth


Daniel Loepfe

Director of Short Film :  Animosity


Kate Madison

Director of Web Series :  REN: The Girl with the Mark


Kenneth Mader

Director of Web Series :  A.L.L.I.A.N.C.E.


Nick Rusconi

Director of Web Series :  Arthur



Best Editing

Anna Constantinova

Brunfelsia [Short Film]


Mike Richard

A cloud to walk on [Short Film]


Leo Zaffaroni & Marcela Ciccone

Pick Up the Fork [Web Series]


Iacopo Patierno

Theatre So Good [Web Series]


Timi Akindele-Ajani & Hana Elias

The Search Party [Short Film]


Best Leading Male Role

Jarod Joseph

Coded [Short Film]


Gonzalo Molina

The Last Show [Short Film]


Rich Keeble

Rich Keeble Vanity Project [Web Series]


Nate Scholz

A.L.L.I.A.N.C.E. [Web Series]


Ettore Nicoletti

Arthur [Web Series]


Richard Steven Horvitz

The Comeback Kids [Web Series]

Best Leading Female Role

Joyce Cohen

Changing of the Leaves [Short Film]


Susan Q Wilson

A Cloud to Walk on [Short Film]


Sara Lindsey

My Life Worked Out [Web Series]


Katie Sheridan 

Match Not Found [Web Series]


Sophie Skelton

REN: The girl with the mark [Web Series]


Melissa Disney

The Comeback Kids [Web Series]

Best Newcomer Actor

Ryan Burke

Practice [Short Film]


James Malpas

REN: The girl with the mark [Web Series]


Alejandro Jovic

A Year Without Us [Web Series]


Jason McLaren

Out of the Shadows [Web Series]


Morgan Waters

The Amazing Gayl Pile 2 [Web Series]

Best Newcomer Actress

Rae Trotter

Divine Shadow [Web Series]


Abigail Friend

Or So the Story Goes [Web Series]


Mia Pistorius

AFK [Web Series]

Paula Carruega

A Year Without Us [Web Series]

Kata Sarbó

TimeTrap [Short Film]

Tamar Rassabi

Hani's Barber Shop [Web Series]

Best Original Screenplay

Esther Odomese

The Girl Child [Short Film]


Steve Neufeld

Coded [Web Series]


Lisa Crnic & Eirinn Disbrow

My Life Worked Out [Web Series]


Alexander Falcon

Ripples on the Water [Short Film]


Ryan Paul James

The Comeback Kids [Web Series]


Fernando Milsztajn

A Year Without Us [Web Series]


Claus Martin & Maike Zelle

Mission Accomplished [Short Film]




Mark Broadbent

Scout [Web Series]


Danny Nowak

Coded [Web Series]


Evan Ciniello

A cloud to walk on [Short Film]


Giacomo Jaeggli

Arthur [Web Series]


Neil Oseman

REN: The girl with the mark [Web Series]


Best Make-Up & Hairdressing

Serena Calore & Manuel Neil Bo

The Price [Short Film]


Jennifer Enskat & Bianca Jamotte

Real Mommy Confessions [Web Series]


Chantal Gijsman, Didi Izendoorn, Anna Travkina

The Right Package [Short Film]


Patrikk Johnson

Miss Beverly Hills Ghost [Web Series]


Rebecca Youngs &

 the Ren Makeup Team

REN: The Girl with the Mark [Web Series]


Holly Shepheard

AFK: The Web Series [Web Series]



Production Design

Jacquleine Curtis

Brewstars [Web Series]


Ricardo Alms & Christopher Wishart

Coded [Web Series]


Rodrigo Nunez

The Last Show [Short Film]


Dominik Balkow

Living an American Dream [Short Film]


Christopher Dane

REN: The Girl with the Mark [Web Series]


Best Animated Short Film

Lion Dance

Producer :  Tim Pattinson, 

6 minutes, USA



Producer :  Jim Flanagan,

8'30"  Australia


A Bumpy Ride 

Producer :  Chang Shu 

2 minutes, USA



Producer :  Ariel Jew,

2'30" USA

The Last Croak

Producer :  Aneesh Kutti, 

2 minutes, India


Producer :  Jonathan Wendt, 

3 minutes, New Zealand


Best Foreign

Short Film


Producer :  Eugene Romanovsky,

15 minutes [Israel]



Producer :  Filippo Bonacci,

13 minutes [Switzerland]


The Last Show

Producer :  Kelly Sánchez,

14 minutes [Perù]



Producer :  Xavier Baeyens,

14 minutes [Germany]


Fall in Line

Producer :  Sifar Communications,

4 minutes [India]

Living an American Dream

Producer : Dominik Balkow,

14 minutes [Germany]

Best Costume Design

Lucely Aguila

The Last Show [Short Film]


Peter Haynes

AFK: The Web Series [Web Series]


Miriam Spring Davis

REN: The Girl with the Mark [Web Series]


Alice Norris

Forbidden Truth [Web Series]


Simona Mele

Animosity [Short Film]

Best Foreign

Web Series


Producers :  Fausto Lozano Lara & María José

Vela Argáez, [Mexico]



Producer :  Alberto Meroni, [Switzerland]



Producer :  Denise Jabbour, [Lebanon]


A Year Without Us

Producer :  UN3TV, [Argentina]



Producers :  Hervé Ruet & Françoise Fluet, [France]


Producers :  Mariana Gómez & Mariana H. Menchaca, [Mexico]

The Caste

Producers : Diego de La Concepción Martinez

& Victor Tejera, [Spain]

Best Special &

Visual Effects

Nicolas Perrin 

Self Story [Web Series]


Andrew Gardner

Real Mommy Confessions [Web Series]


Chang Shu

A Bumpy Ride [Short Film]


Marvin Zegarra

Assassin's Creed [Web Series]

M. Ubeda, J. Guest, P. Haynes

AFK: The Web Series [Web Series]

Best Original Soundtrack


Brunfelsia [Short Film]


Camila Koller & Elias Bertini

Arthur [Web Series]


Corey Wallace & Jeff Tinsley

A Bumpy Ride [Short Film]


Corey Wallace

Totem [Short Film]


Khalil Ismail

Of Music and Men [Short Film]

Rob Westwood

REN: The Girl with the Mark [Web Series]

Best Documentary

Pick Up The Fork

Producers :  UN3TV[Argentina]

Trophee Jules Verne

Producer :  IDEC/Mer et media, [France]


Theatre So Good

Producer :  Iacopo Patierno, [Italy]


The NiDao

Producer :  Huang Zi Wu, [China]


Happy Sour

Producers :  Samuel Wilson, [New Zealand]

Best Sound Design

Kishan Mohan

The Last Croak [Short Film]


Rico Andriolo & Marco Dorici

Arthur [Web Series]


Le Futur

The Dump [Web Series]


Luis Alberto Quijano, Karissa Ketelhut, Phuong Bui

Two Steps Away [Short Film]


Mike O'Brien

Knights of New Jersey [Web Series]

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