A Cloud to Walk On

Producers :  Adam Pedersen/Jamie Dickinson 10' [Canada]


Ripples on the water

Producer :  Alexander Falcon, 14' [USA]



Producer :  Mate Holdosi, 12' [Hungary]


The Girl Child

Producer :  Michael Osheku, 5' [Nigeria]


Mission Accomplished

Producer :  Maike Zelle, 5' [Germany]



Producers :  Hweiling Ow & Joselyn Khor

Season 1, [New Zealand]


Forbidden Truth

Producers :  Robert Shannon & Susan Hughes

Season 1, [UK]



Producer : Alberto Meroni,

Season 1, [Switzerland]


REN: The girl with the mark

Producers :  Kate Madison & Michelle Golder,

Season 1, [UK]



Producer :  Joely Collins, Season 1, [Canada]


Gary Harvey - Nigel Edwards

Directors of Web Series :  Coded


Adam Pedersen

Director of Short Film :  A Cloud to Walk on


Elroy 'Spoonface' Powell

Director of Web Series :  Forbidden Truth


Daniel Loepfe

Director of Short Film :  Animosity


Kate Madison

Director of Web Series :  REN: The Girl with the Mark


Kenneth Mader

Director of Web Series :  A.L.L.I.A.N.C.E.


Nick Rusconi

Director of Web Series :  Arthur



Jarod Joseph

Coded [Short Film]


Gonzalo Molina

The Last Show [Short Film]


Rich Keeble

Rich Keeble Vanity Project [Web Series]


Nate Scholz

A.L.L.I.A.N.C.E. [Web Series]


Ettore Nicoletti

Arthur [Web Series]


Richard Steven Horvitz

The Comeback Kids [Web Series]

Joyce Cohen

Changing of the Leaves [Short Film]


Susan Q Wilson

A Cloud to Walk on [Short Film]


Sara Lindsey

My Life Worked Out [Web Series]


Katie Sheridan 

Match Not Found [Web Series]


Sophie Skelton

REN: The girl with the mark [Web Series]


Melissa Disney

The Comeback Kids [Web Series]

Ryan Burke

Practice [Short Film]


James Malpas

REN: The girl with the mark [Web Series]


Alejandro Jovic

A Year Without Us [Web Series]


Jason McLaren

Out of the Shadows [Web Series]


Morgan Waters

The Amazing Gayl Pile 2 [Web Series]

Lion Dance

Producer :  Tim Pattinson, 

6 minutes, USA



Producer :  Jim Flanagan,

8'30"  Australia


A Bumpy Ride 

Producer :  Chang Shu 

2 minutes, USA



Producer :  Ariel Jew,

2'30" USA

The Last Croak

Producer :  Aneesh Kutti, 

2 minutes, India


Producer :  Jonathan Wendt, 

3 minutes, New Zealand


Mark Broadbent

Scout [Web Series]


Danny Nowak

Coded [Web Series]


Evan Ciniello

A cloud to walk on [Short Film]


Giacomo Jaeggli

Arthur [Web Series]


Neil Oseman

REN: The girl with the mark [Web Series]


Serena Calore & Manuel Neil Bo

The Price [Short Film]


Jennifer Enskat & Bianca Jamotte

Real Mommy Confessions [Web Series]


Chantal Gijsman, Didi Izendoorn, Anna Travkina

The Right Package [Short Film]


Patrikk Johnson

Miss Beverly Hills Ghost [Web Series]


Rebecca Youngs &

 the Ren Makeup Team

REN: The Girl with the Mark [Web Series]


Holly Shepheard

AFK: The Web Series [Web Series]



Producer :  Eugene Romanovsky,

15 minutes [Israel]



Producer :  Filippo Bonacci,

13 minutes [Switzerland]


The Last Show

Producer :  Kelly Sánchez,

14 minutes [Perù]



Producer :  Xavier Baeyens,

14 minutes [Germany]


Fall in Line

Producer :  Sifar Communications,

4 minutes [India]

Living an American Dream

Producer : Dominik Balkow,

14 minutes [Germany]

Anna Constantinova

Brunfelsia [Short Film]


Mike Richard

A cloud to walk on [Short Film]


Leo Zaffaroni & Marcela Ciccone

Pick Up the Fork [Web Series]


Iacopo Patierno

Theatre So Good [Web Series]


Timi Akindele-Ajani & Hana Elias

The Search Party [Short Film]


Rae Trotter

Divine Shadow [Web Series]


Abigail Friend

Or So the Story Goes [Web Series]


Mia Pistorius

AFK [Web Series]

Paula Carruega

A Year Without Us [Web Series]

Kata Sarbó

TimeTrap [Short Film]

Tamar Rassabi

Hani's Barber Shop [Web Series]

Lucely Aguila

The Last Show [Short Film]


Peter Haynes

AFK: The Web Series [Web Series]


Miriam Spring Davis

REN: The Girl with the Mark [Web Series]


Alice Norris

Forbidden Truth [Web Series]


Simona Mele

Animosity [Short Film]

Nicolas Perrin 

Self Story [Web Series]


Andrew Gardner

Real Mommy Confessions [Web Series]


Chang Shu

A Bumpy Ride [Short Film]


Marvin Zegarra

Assassin's Creed [Web Series]

M. Ubeda, J. Guest, P. Haynes

AFK: The Web Series [Web Series]

Kishan Mohan

The Last Croak [Short Film]


Rico Andriolo & Marco Dorici

Arthur [Web Series]


Le Futur

The Dump [Web Series]


Luis Alberto Quijano, Karissa Ketelhut, Phuong Bui

Two Steps Away [Short Film]


Mike O'Brien

Knights of New Jersey [Web Series]

Best Short Film

Best Web Series

Best Directing



Best Leading Female Role

Best Leading Male Role

Best Newcomer Actor

Best Newcomer Actress

Best Editing

Best Original Screenplay

Esther Odomese

The Girl Child [Short Film]


Steve Neufeld

Coded [Web Series]


Lisa Crnic & Eirinn Disbrow

My Life Worked Out [Web Series]


Alexander Falcon

Ripples on the Water [Short Film]


Ryan Paul James

The Comeback Kids [Web Series]


Fernando Milsztajn

A Year Without Us [Web Series]


Claus Martin & Maike Zelle

Mission Accomplished [Short Film]


Best Make-Up & Hairdressing


Production Design

Jacquleine Curtis

Brewstars [Web Series]


Ricardo Alms & Christopher Wishart

Coded [Web Series]


Rodrigo Nunez

The Last Show [Short Film]


Dominik Balkow

Living an American Dream [Short Film]


Christopher Dane

REN: The Girl with the Mark [Web Series]


Best Foreign

Short Film

Best Animated Short Film

Best Costume Design

Best Foreign

Web Series


Producers :  Fausto Lozano Lara & María José

Vela Argáez, [Mexico]



Producer :  Alberto Meroni, [Switzerland]



Producer :  Denise Jabbour, [Lebanon]


A Year Without Us

Producer :  UN3TV, [Argentina]



Producers :  Hervé Ruet & Françoise Fluet, [France]


Producers :  Mariana Gómez & Mariana H. Menchaca, [Mexico]

The Caste

Producers : Diego de La Concepción Martinez

& Victor Tejera, [Spain]

Best Original Soundtrack

Best Special &

Visual Effects

Best Documentary

Best Sound Design

Pick Up The Fork

Producers :  UN3TV[Argentina]

Trophee Jules Verne

Producer :  IDEC/Mer et media, [France]


Theatre So Good

Producer :  Iacopo Patierno, [Italy]


The NiDao

Producer :  Huang Zi Wu, [China]


Happy Sour

Producers :  Samuel Wilson, [New Zealand]


Brunfelsia [Short Film]


Camila Koller & Elias Bertini

Arthur [Web Series]


Corey Wallace & Jeff Tinsley

A Bumpy Ride [Short Film]


Corey Wallace

Totem [Short Film]


Khalil Ismail

Of Music and Men [Short Film]

Rob Westwood

REN: The Girl with the Mark [Web Series]

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