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All-Time Official Selection

Official Selection 2023

Secrets of Memory


The Autotelic Notebook

Negli occhi di un bambino


Pause Karma

Changing Lives

Official Selection 2022

Arno  (France)

Tomorrow at Dawn (China)

Anxieties  (Germany)

The Porn Radio Show (USA)

I'll Never Know Her (USA)

Joy (Italy)

Stopover (Germany)

Eldorado Blue (UK)

Hero (China)

Fleeing (China)

Fell Purpose (Australia)

Ink & Gold: An Artist's story... (New Zealand)

Official Selection 2021

Combattre                          USA

In Isolation                         UK

Stay with Me                      UK

Deliver You                         Italy

Your Hand                          Italy

Official Selection 2020

An Autre Jour in LA (USA)

In Passing (USA)

Here Today (USA)

Murmur (USA)

Tender is the Kiss (USA)

Perspective (USA)

At First, They don't Believe   (UK)

Beatrice  (Italy)

Ding-Ding, Next  (UK)

Quarantime    (Italy)

The Cry of Silence  (Romania)

The Mole   (Belgium)

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