Best Short Film

Steps for Life

Producers :  Paul Jerndal 5' [Sweden]


The Hunter

Producer :  George Moore, 6' [UK]


Chasing Nostalgia

Producer :  Vincent Lazar, 14' [USA]


Ace and Anxious

Producer :  Bri Castelini, 14' [USA]


Power of Prayer

Producer :  Drew Henriksen, 13' [USA]


Best Web Series

Fauk My Life

(Honorable Mention)

Producer :  Stephanie Neroes

Season 1, [USA]



Producers :  Shea E. Butler, Stacey K. Black

Debrah Farentino, Deborah Jacob, Dave Jessup, 

Judy Amonett, Luke Perry

Season 1, [USA]


Spring Street

Producer :  David Beck

Season 1, [USA]


Different for Girls

Producer :  Fizz Milton

Season 1, [UK]


Other People's Children

Producers :  Nick Schmidt & Brian Zahm

Season 1, [USA]

A Whole New Irving

Producers :  Terry Dawson & Alexandra Komisaruk

Season 1, [USA]

Or So the Story Goes

Producer :  Outtake Productions

Season 4, [USA]

Generation Z 

(Honorable Mention)

Producer :  Zachary Michaels

Season 1, [USA]

Ask Will

Producer : Athena Russell 

Season 1, [Canada]

Norm & Kate Love the Ladies

Producers :  Norman Knoerlein & Kate Przylepa

Season 1, [USA]


Best Directing

David Trujillo & Paul-André Robin

Directors of Web Series :  Frapuccino


Paul Jerndal

Director of Short Film :  Steps for Life


Stephanie Neroes

Director of Web Series :  Fauk My Life


Stacey K. Black & 

Shea E. Butler

Directors of Web Series :  Trouble Creek


Caroline Taillet &

Martin Landmeters

Directors of Web Series :  The Y Theory


Nicolas Fogliarini

Director of Web Series :  En Voiture Simone


Campbell X

Director of Web Series :  Different for Girls

Sally McLean

Director of Web Series :  Shakespeare Republic

Simone Albano

Director of Web Series :  One Shot

Guido Simonetti

Director of Web Series :  Ana



Best Editing

Ola Ohlsson & Paul Jerndal

Steps for life [Short Film]


Joseph von Meding

Swimrisers [Short Film]


Stephanie Neroes

Fauk My Life [Web Series]


Christophe Evrard, 

Louis Zabus & Adil Nahjari

The Y theory [Web Series]


Diego Briano

Hermits [Web Series]


Best Actor

Juanma Lara

Black Sheep [Short Film]


Mario Tardón

The Councillor [Web Series]


Jason Gedrick



Nick Mathews

Power of Prayer [Short Film]


Chase Anthony

A Whole New Irving [Web Series]

Best Actress


Claudine Baschet

Frapuccino [Web Series]


Concha Galán

Black Sheep [Short Film]


Lauriane Gilliéron 

En Voiture Simone [Web Series]


Rachel Shelley

Different for Girls [Web Series]


Atra Asdou

Other People's Children [Web Series]

Best Newcomer Actor

Pranit Hatte

Wajood (Selfhood) [Short Film]


Louis Vasquez

Le Myriapode [Web Series]


Benjamin Dayras

DonJon Legacy [Web Series]


Miguel Chamorro

Camillion [Web Series]


Knoa Knapper

Brian for Hire [Web Series]

Best Newcomer Actress

Mathilde Bourbin

Frapuccino [Web Series]


Léone François-Janssens

The Y theory [Web Series]


Laura Nevole

Julia Off [Web Series]

Dilan Yağız

Wire [Short Film]

Sofía Brihet

Juana [Web Series]

Best Original Screenplay

Paul Jerndal

Steps for life [Short Film]


David Beck

Spring Street [Web Series]


Vincent Lazar

Chasing Nostalgia [Short Film]


Berkay Hasbay

Wire [Short Film]


Simone Albano

One Shot [Web Series]


Brad Riddell &

Anna Maria Hozian

Other People's Children [Web Series]


Giorgos Semkos

A Journey-Ένα Ταξίδι [Short Film]

Deborah Espect

As We Are [Web Series]

Bri Castellini

Ace and Anxious [Short Film]

Theresa LaBreglio, Melissa Malone, Bryan Civitarese

Or So the Story Goes S.4 [Web Series]



Cesar Fe

Asuncion [Short Film]


Johan Helmer

Steps for life [Short Film]


Blaise Basdevant

En Voiture Simone [Web Series]


Harry Green & Nick Richardson

The Hunter [Short Film]

Rafael Willitts

The Fantasmagori [Web Series]


Best Make-Up & Hairdressing

A. Mesnill, C. Maecke, A. Tillos, L. Lahrer, L. Ouiche, A. Benmerzulla

Frapuccino [Web Series]


Luciana Salomon

Asuncion [Short Film]


Steph Davis

Boondock Alley [Web Series]


Thays Sobreda & Bruna Tieme

Libido [Short Film]


Hanna Mapletoft

Sexy Herpes [Web Series]



Production Design

Benjamin Lavarone

Mortus Corporatus - Season 2 [Web Series]


Nicole Remy

Asuncion [Short Film]


Lorena Lluch

The Councillor [Web Series]


Anne-Caroline Delostal

En Voiture Simone [Web Series]


Angela Guerrero

AIR [Web Series]

Best Original Song


Performed by : Falcor, 

From: Steps for Life [Short Film]


Here In My Heaven

Performed by : Heather Peace, 

From: Different for Girls [Web Series]


Fly Away Home

Performed by :  Pinkzebra feat. Benji Jackson, 

From: A Journey [Short Film]



Performed by :  Kitch Membery 

From: Trouble Creek [Web Series]

A Candle in a Fireplace

Performed by :  Chris Di Cola

From: Chasing Nostalgia [Short Film]


Best Foreign

Short Film

Black Sheep

Producer :  Paca Cubero,

 6 minutes [Spain]



Producer : Alonso Elias,

14 minutes [Perù]


Steps for Life

Producer :  Paul Jerndal,

5 minutes [Sweden]



Producer :  Berkay Hasbay,

15 minutes [Turkey]

Wajood (Selfhood)

Producer : Vishal Srivastava,

15 minutes [India]

A Journey-Ένα Ταξίδι

Producer : Babis Galanakis & Dimitris Pavlakis

9 minutes [Greece]

Best Costume Design

Christian Duarte

Asuncion [Short Film]


Amanda Treder

The Fantasmagori [Web Series]


Steph Davis

Boondock Alley [Web Series]


Aurelie Vorillon

DonJon Legacy [Web Series]


Tika Von Mehren


Best Foreign

Web Series

Frapuccino Webserie

Producer :  Collectif Attention Fragile [France]


The Councillor

Producer :  Lorena Lluch, [Spain]

The Y theory

Producers :  RTBF Interactive & Roue Libre, [Belgium]


En Voiture Simone

Producer :  Nicolas Fogliarini, [France]


Julia Off

Producers :  Viviana Sánchez & Cintia Zaccolo, [Argentina]

One Shot

Producers :  Neverland Productions & Whitedust Productions, [Italy]


Producers : Gonzalo Sosa

& Patricio Yorio, [Argentina]


Producers :  Güido Simonetti & Fabian Benitez, [Argentina]


Producers :  Rubén Muro Vela & Alejandro Molina García, [Spain]

Best Special &

Visual Effects

Sebastien Corne

Frapuccino [Web Series]


Vergues Virgil

Mortus Corporatus - Season 2 [Web Series]


Ezequiel Romero

The Councillor [Web Series]


Franklin Okike

Karma [Short Film]

Stefano Indraccolo

Project M [Web Series]

Best Original Soundtrack


Steps for life [Sweden]


Damoyee Janai

Fauk My Life [USA]


David Beck

Spring Street [USA]


Chris Di Cola & Vincent Lazar

Chasing Nostalgia [USA]


Antoine Cailliez

DonJon Legacy [France]

Best Documentary


Producer :  THIRTYREV, [Ireland]


Producers : Gonzalo Sosa & Patricio Yorio, [Argentina]


Amy Street

Producer :  Bella Pacific Media, [New Zealand]


Growing Up Guide Pup

Producers :  Matt Chapman & Amie Chapman, [USA]


Clash of Narratives: A Tale of Two Georgias

Producers :  Sophiko Vasadze & Natalia Antelava, [Georgia]

La Hoyada

Producer :  Kelly Sánchez, [Perù]

Just Model Things

Producers :  Linnea Pihl & Majd Salman, [Sweden]

Visioneering: Forward Thinkers of the World

Producers :  Laura G. Chirinos Sophie Brabenec, [USA]

(E)Migrants - Tales of who goes and who comes

Producer :  Giuseppe Barbato, [Italy]

Best Sound Design

David Martin

Black Sheep [Short Film]


Joseph von Meding

Swimrisers [Short Film]


Tim McCormick

Shakespeare Republic S.2 [Web Series]


Samuel Casas

A Whole New Irving [Web Series]


Francis Cortes

AIR [Web Series]