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IOWF Awards 2017 nominations dominated by European "Steps for Life" and "Frapuccino W

Nominations for the 3rd annual edition of the International Online Web Fest Awards were announced on Nov. 24. Paul Jerndal‘s “Steps for Life” (aka Steg för livet) obtained a leading seven bids, with Collectif Attention Fragile‘s “Frapuccino Web Series” earning six nominations. Both Peruvian short film “Asuncion” and French series “En Voiture Simone” follows with five. The IOWF Awards will be given out on December 9, one day after the UKOWF ceremony on London. The show will be broadcast delayed on Official Accounts.

The race for Best Short Film includes four shorts in english — “The Hunter”, “Chasing Nostalgia”, “Ace and Anxious” and “Power of Prayer” — and only one in foreign language, Paul Jerndal‘s “Steps for Life”. Contenders for Best Web Series are all from north America except for Campbell X's "Different for Girls" from UK, who gets a nominations as Best Director too. The award winning web series "Shakespeare Republic" is not shortlisted as Best Web Series but Sally McLean gets a nice consolation prize as she was nominated for as "Best Director".

Among the contenders for Best Actress we find a surprising long list of four European ones versus the only American Atra Asdou. After the Best Supporting Actress Oscar® winner Melissa Leo and Canadian Susan Q Wilson this year may be the first time an American actress does not win the prize.

Among the Best Actor nominees is Jason Gedrick starring in the executive producer Luke Perry's “TROUBLE CREEK”. The other IOWF nominees include “The Councillor” (aka El Partido) leading man Mario Tardón as well as web series "A Whole New Irving" leader man Chase Anthony and Nick Mathews ("Power of Prayer") and Juanma Lara co-starring with other nominee as best actress Concha Galan in "Black Sheep" (aka Oveja Negra).

For the last two years running, also the winner of Best Actor at IOWF Awards — Conner Marx “Phoenix Run” web series, Jarod Joseph “Coded” web series respectively — were from north America.

PREDICT the IOWF winners now on Facebook and Twitter

However, predicting the winners can be fun, but we guess attending at announcements on the day of Ceremony would be more fun. In fact, two Award categories will be announced on the day before (8th December) in London during the UKOWF ceremony. You could have also the chance to meet the 2018 nominees, since the UKOWF winners are eligible to get on the list of IOWF nominees 2018.

Don't forget the fact that winners are determined by four small committees of less than 10 people each. In the past we have been told the names of those serving on these committees but now all we know is that they are drawn from “IOWF writers, directors, producers winners in the past editions" plus critics, film festival programmers and other working film professionals.

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