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Breaking the Patriarchy: How Theatre Empowers Women

The Role of Theatre in Empowering Women: Insights from Nick Bigtower and Mathilde Bourbin

The world of theatre has long been a platform for artists to express themselves and showcase their talent. In recent times, it has also been a powerful tool for empowering women. Nick Bigtower, the director of the International Online Web Fest 2022, and Mathilde Bourbin, an actress, showrunner, and feminist, recently discussed the role of theatre in empowering women in a Q&A panel hosted by Filmocracy.

Mathilde Bourbin shared her views on how theatre has provided women with an opportunity to create new stories and characters for themselves. She highlighted how the financial aspects of theatre are less restrictive than those of movies, which allows for more creative freedom. As a result, women can write parts for themselves and explore themes that they want to express on stage.

Mathilde Bourbin also talked about how she creates female characters in her stories. She starts from a personal point of view and then goes out into the community to talk to people. This helps her to gather different perspectives on issues and incorporate them into her characters. Mathilde emphasized the importance of having a broad point of view and finding patterns that can help develop the characters.

When asked about using interrupt patterns in theatre, Mathilde Bourbin shared that it is not possible to interrupt the flow of a live performance. She explained that theatre is a live experience, and people cannot stop when they want. Therefore, it is important to have one real ending instead of multiple endings that can confuse the audience.

Nick Bigtower congratulated Mathilde Bourbin on her show, Frapuccino, being nominated for the International Online Web Fest 2022. He also asked about the number of episodes in the second season of Frapuccino, which Mathilde Bourbin answered was seven. She revealed that the first season had twelve episodes, and they had even made a feature film, which had taken ten years to produce.

Mathilde Bourbin also shared her experience of having Frapuccino shown in movie theaters. She enjoyed the live audience reactions, which helped her to gauge the impact of her work and identify areas for improvement.

In conclusion, the Q&A panel highlighted the power of theatre in providing women with a platform to express themselves and create their own stories. It also emphasized the importance of having a broad perspective and finding patterns that can help develop characters. The discussion also touched upon the challenges of interrupt patterns in theatre and the benefits of showcasing work in movie theaters. Overall, the conversation was insightful and offered valuable insights into the role of theatre in empowering women.


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