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Ranking every IOWF "IG Challenge" from Europe to America

The "IG Challenge" is a new venture in the voting process by IOWF designed to experiment with the rise of Instagram in the USA but also in Europe and the rest of the world, the power of IG Stories. It's all very curious, especially because IOWF decided to mix match projects even picking web series and short film from different Continent. An example is the opening challenge, that we could call "The Clash of the Titans", in fact in the first "IG story" we can find "HActresses" a wacked 6-part comedy web series about two naive best friends who ambitiously strive to achieve one impossible dream: to become successful professional actresses before they hit thirty; an Australian digital series created by and starring Belinda Kirwan (as Evie) and Nina Nicols (as Lucy). While the other contender is a dark comedy from India, a story of a peon Dumroo (Anil Charanjeett) who tries to act weird in front of a female paediatrician (Sanaya Irani) on the first day at the hospital, however, the course of incidents that unfold leave the Doctor shocked and gutted, on discovering the trough behind the peon’s antics. The Short Film "Dum Dum Dumroo" is directed by Akash Goila that also produced it with Aashish Sachdeva.

The duos seem to have been picked at most voted on Facebook and Twitter.

So, who's the most exciting IG Challenge and a surefire bet to get an "Official Selection" and who is going to risk elimination from the "Spring Semi-Finals 2018" and never spoken of again?

7. European Web Series: 'INK' vs 'Divine Consultants'

We never imagined that two web series as INK and Divine Consultants were going to finish bottom of the pile, but actually they collected very low regards from the audience in Facebook and Twitter. Who knows that Instagram will give these two brilliant web series the right credit.

INK is a French thriller created by Laurent King and written also by Olivier Domerc and produced by Nicolas Méliand, Franck Marchal and Luis Sastre.

Instead Divine Consultants is a Finnish animated series created by Juha Fiilin, based on the same main characters and story world of previous Award Winning animated short film 'Job Interview' of the same director and creator.

6. American Web Series: 'Natural Selection' vs 'Dele Viaje'

Exactly as above, we never expected a so low ranking for two web series the likes of Natural Selection and Dele Viaje, since they both have got a very large fan-base that probably will wake-up in this last step on Instagram. We can estimate a real exciting match in the next 24 hours.

Natural Selection is a unique web series in the Colombian audiovisual market. It narrates the story that occurs after the murder of a transgender woman, this investigation triggers plots that reveal how love, betrayal, and double standards might be deeper than they seem. while Dele Viaje narrates three parallel stories of young Costa Rican adults and their struggle to feel and become normal, as they try to hide inside a cycle of anxiety, fear, frustration and insecurities.

5. European Short Films: 'The Trick' vs 'Nick'

We are getting higher as the quality of these two stunning short films filmed and directed in photography by two good cinematographer: Romain Fisson-Edeline for the French story of a magician whose reputation is down and who is ready to do anything to regain his lost fame and the up-and-coming Adam Sheldon from Manchester for the British film about the dangers of peer pressure and mob mentality.

The Trick is produced by Julien Vicaire and Pierre J. Secondi and directed by Pierre & Max and their short film was already selected in the last Cannes Film festival "Official Selection".

Nick is produced on a shoestring budget by Darren Langlands and Jack Levy that is also the director who also recently worked on the Emmy nominated drama series Bible Series for History Channel.

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