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Ranking every IOWF "IG Challenge" from Europe to America - The Podium

What's the most exciting IG Challenge and who's a surefire bet to get an "Official Selection 2018" and we hear of again?

4. American Web Series: 'Kaselman and Son' vs '#NoFilter'

Here we go. Very close to the podium, there is 'IG Challenge' between Argentinian Kaselman and Son and New Yorker #NoFilter.

The first one is directed by Tian Cartier and Fernando Milsztajn (nominated in 2016 as best screenplayer), produced by Martín Longo and distributed by 'National University of Tres de Febrero' in Buenos Aires. It tells about a father (Fabian Arenillas) separated from his wife, after losing his job he decides to move to his bachelor department, where his son (Alejandro Jovic, award winner in 2016 as best newcomer actor) lives. To avoid cohabitation, Esteban helps his father find a new partner. Together they stir up girlfriends from the past and re-establish their relationship as adults.

The second one is written and directed by Adam Berley and Anna Luft and it's a sitcome about two best friends Julia and Alice, where Julia's got a brother who won't move off their couch, and his girlfriend Liz, who doesn't seem to mind, their stories are set up in New York.

Actual Ranking Score of the IG Challenge is: 5,7%

3. American Web Series: 'Digital Memory' vs 'A Chocolate Conquest'

Two years later of 'Un año sin nosotros' (twice award-winning in IOWF 2016) the UN3TV presents from Argentina another romance-drama where Vera and Juan break up. What's left from their relationship is thousands of audios, photos and videos in several digital devices' memory, which don't let Vera forget, they make her relive glimpses of each stage in the relationship. With an overview of their love, Vera must decide if she wants to keep those files or eliminate the relationship forever.

After the first year, in 2015 when Catatumbarì won an award for the Best Cinematography thanks to Wilmer Zerpa, Venezuela could have another Official Selection in IOWF. This time it's an interactive docu-web, the only one to have been produced in Venezuela. It is also the most extensive media work about the world of cocoa farming in this Caribbean nation. The web series has been produced by Roberto Navarro and Albana Rodriguez and it was directed by Esther Duran.

Actual Ranking Score of the IG Challenge is: 11,2%

2. European Short Films: 'Goodnight' vs 'The Elephant in the Room'

Without doubt, they are the most followed short films couple in the entire "IG Stories Challenge" and after a very good round on Facebook and Twitter they are going to start off against each other a great "match". It's curious that both of them are talking about living in a "house".

The animated Italian short movie 'Good Night', directed by Caterina De Mata, tackles the topic of cohabitation and integration of the communities living in Italy, taking at example the three major ones present in Italy: Nigerian, Peruvian and Indian. They all live in Italy, but they maintain strong links with their roots.

In the British 'The Elephant in the Room' directed by Mark Singer & Jamie Terry we find a local estate agent from Happy Homes that shows the Pluckit’s, a young newly wed couple, around a house. But Sally’s sales appearance starts to crumble as her true intentions begin to shine through.

Actual Ranking Score of the IG Challenge is: 19,1%

1. American Web Series: 'Porn' vs 'Queering'

At the last but not the least, there are two very promising digital series, the first one, Porn, arrives from Brazil and it's directed by the young Paula Weiss while the second one, Queering, arrives from USA, even if the director is another young lady from Brazil: Leticia De Bortoli.

The Brazilian series produced by Vitor Hugo Faria tells about three girl-friends who share an apartment and go from bad to worse in their personal and professional lives. When their internet, and light are cut off, they decide to produce porn to make money. But the search for script, actors and gear make them face their deepest frustrations in this gradual and fun maturing process.

The American comedy web series starts with Harper ready to live the best phase of her lesbian life, but the tables turn when her mom unexpectedly comes out as queer.

Actual Ranking Score of the IG Challenge is: 56%

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