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About IOWF Membership

IOWF members form a unique community of creatives and professionals worldwide who support our mission to promote creativity and share our vision for a more inclusive, sustainable indie movement in the entertainment industry.

International Online Web Fest (IOWF) is a unique platform that celebrates the best of digital entertainment from around the world. We are dedicated to providing a safe space to showcase work from diverse creatives, and to promote inclusivity and diversity in the digital entertainment industry. Our expert membership helps IOWF to deliver its mission by sharing its knowledge, helping us to identify those with talent, and working collectively to drive change within our industries. Members enjoy a program of learning events, voting for our awards, networking opportunities, as well as other exclusive benefits.

"At IOWF, we believe in fostering a supportive network for our members and helping them connect with like-minded professionals. We are committed to driving more inclusive industries and promoting unheard voices in the digital world. I would encourage anyone who shares our values to apply."
                                                                                    Festival Director - Nick Bigtower

How to Apply for Membership

We are now open for applications for IOWF membership.

Our Partners

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